The Art of Pricing (Premium pricing decisions that can develop a brand)

Think that there’s just three options available for pricing our goods, and services, a low-range, a medium-range or a high (premium) price and that’s all there is to it? Wrong. There is a real focus, almost single-minded determination required when it comes to the pricing of products and services, because without it you’ll struggle to have a sustainable business over the long-term. Here at GDM, we mostly work with manufacturers and retailers, and although their customer groups vary, both groups operate in highly competitive environments despite being in some lucrative niche markets. So, with so much competition, how do they steer a path that means they’re not willing to compromise on their long-term success? Well the simple answer to that … Read More >

If you promote goods or services then you need to know about this

CAP Code in hardcopy

If you don’t know what CAP stands or what it is and you promote goods or services then you and your company could be open to a certain degree of rebuke, embarrassment and unnecessary costs. CAP is the Committee of Advertising Practice, and they set out the Code (known as the CAP Code) to assign correct procedures and guidelines for developing advertising campaigns of a non-broadcast nature. This covers all forms of print and electronic advertising (newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets, circulars, mailings, e-mails, SMS, catalogues and other printed and electronic materials). It works in conjunction with other legislation such as the Trade Descriptions Act (1968) and the Sale of Goods Act (1979) etc. to determine a process which is both … Read More >

Marketing, Copywriting and the Law

Following on from last month’s blog we discussed the importance of well written copy. This month’s article follows on from that and specifically considers marketing law, or put simply ethical marketing. Whether you write promotional copy for your own commercial benefit or you pay others to do this for you, I’d expect you’ve made this choice based on simplicity, proficiency or affordability? But regardless of whether you have the time for the DIY version or you can afford to outsource, experience suggests that its very rare to find someone who is acutely aware of marketing law prior to making a decision that suits them best, especially amongst SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises). So using a professional bureau who understands the importance of ethical marketing can save you time and inconvenience, … Read More >