Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

I remember a few short years ago coming across several businesses who told me about the problems they encountered when offering internships, or student work experience as it was known then. They complained about everything the students did; how they didn’t dress appropriately, that they didn’t speak to customers properly, that their time keeping was poor, pretty much everything in fact. At the time I remember thinking that my sympathies were with the employer, after all, here are a handful of business owners who are trying desperately to promote their businesses during challenging times and now they have this to cope with? But several years later I’m fairly sure that the majority of these failures lay at their door. Over the … Read More >

With our help our SME business clients have BIG ideas!

I spend a fair amount of my time helping SME companies develop growth strategies. These strategies require me to review their markets and competition, products and services, systems, skills and of course their staff roles and capabilities to position the business for their short and long-term goals. Yet in SME’s (particularly of a certain size), it can be all too easy to lose sight of one’s own staff when your customers and competitors, products and services can take up so much of a management team’s time, so we help by ‘joining-up-the-dots’. A large percentage of SME’s recruit staff, either by word-of-mouth, recruitment agency, advertisement, networking or promotion through the ranks and a few take this further and bring in apprentices, especially … Read More >

Digital Work Experience for a Young Student

We’ve got a really great opportunity for a young person to show any future employer just what they’re capable of and where they might hope to progress with their career in digital marketing. So if you know anyone who would love to secure this chance, please feel free to show them this blog and get them to get in contact with me.  We’re working with a client in the traditional skills sector, a cabinetmaker to be precise who produces stunning pieces of free-standing furniture and interior joinery. They don’t sell their designs through a catalogue or retail chain, instead everything they make is made to order (referred to as bespoke) so it’s rarely the case that they ever make two items the … Read More >