A note to all aspiring young marketers

  If you’re an aspiring young marketer, I really hope there’s something you can learn from this blog that helps you propel your career. I’m a big advocate of having goals, things that make me strive towards something, to give me direction and a purpose in life. Not everyone thinks like this and that’s fine, but if you’re looking for direction in marketing, I’d say the Chartered Institute of Marketing is a valuable partner and ally and well worth the price of membership. Prior to 2003, I was employed as Sales & Marketing Director in a modestly sized private business that employed around 30 people. I was paid well and enjoyed the variation in my work but felt that the … Read More >

Evolution in business – it’s not for the faint hearted

Making your mind up

In 2014 our marketing and business development practice marks its tenth anniversary. I must admit that in 2004 when our company commenced trading I didn’t dare to think about whether we would still be in business ten years later. But looking back over our development we’ve learnt a valuable lesson which we can bring to the benefit of our clients. During our near decade of client liaisons I consider our marketing practice has been quite fortunate in that we have been asked to tackle a very broad range of problems, for a very wide range of clients. Perhaps this comes from a level of versatility borne out of our willingness to deliver a ‘can do attitude’, or it may come … Read More >