A note to all aspiring young marketers

  If you’re an aspiring young marketer, I really hope there’s something you can learn from this blog that helps you propel your career. I’m a big advocate of having goals, things that make me strive towards something, to give me direction and a purpose in life. Not everyone thinks like this and that’s fine, but if you’re looking for direction in marketing, I’d say the Chartered Institute of Marketing is a valuable partner and ally and well worth the price of membership. Prior to 2003, I was employed as Sales & Marketing Director in a modestly sized private business that employed around 30 people. I was paid well and enjoyed the variation in my work but felt that the … Read More >

The ‘Training’ Winner Takes It All

In March 2015, we exhibited at the Business & Trade Expo organised by Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, and like any good exhibition attendee we needed a particularly appealing and somewhat different prize draw from the usual Apple iPad’s and special introductory offers and thankfully we didn’t need to think too long or hard about our choice. As a strategic marketing consultancy we look at a wide range of issues that will affect the promotion of your business, in fact everything from your branding and the markets you serve to the way you engage them through your external communications and support them through internal teams.  This last one is often overlooked, but is often the most critical because it … Read More >

Too little (marketing now), too late (to save your business tomorrow)

I work hard, my children tell me this regularly (and my wife has given up telling me).  But this blog isn’t about how I work because I love what I do and I’m happy with the work/life balance I’ve got, besides anymore free-time and I’d feel I’d not earned my keep! So I thought I’d focus on those directors who work hard tending to the daily demands of the business, but who find it almost impossible to see beyond the here and now. This is reflected in the calls I get asking how I can help, usually a Director who has identified that things appear to have ‘recently’ gone wrong. Calls that include comments such as, “the business has just … Read More >

Teamwork – what sailing can teach us!

Poetry in motion

We’ve worked on numerous client projects, from less complex one-off marketing campaigns to the integration of new policies and the overhaul of existing business processes. The latter being the subject of this particular blog post. In the past few years we seem to have had our fair share of clients enlisting this type of help, but in each case the depth of the problem hasn’t been fully appreciated by the board at the very outset. To overcome this and to reduce the risk of the client thinking they’re not getting what they are paying for, it’s very important for both the client and ourselves to define precisely what it is that’s in need of attention. Once identified we can set … Read More >