If you feel like you are standing at the entrance of a long dark tunnel and are worried about taking the first step, then trust me you will not need to make too many steps before you can see the other end; this is why Nigel is one of Britain's top 50 Small Business Advisers.
Operations Director, Leisure Industry

Business Planning

Business owners aim to create a natural attraction towards their products and services from the moment their companies are formed. However, in small businesses* this becomes increasingly harder over time as financial, physical and emotional pressures are applied to those in leadership positions and then onto those that support them. Inevitably businesses become creatures of the environment they function in, with often ageing and ineffective processes, disengaged personnel and a lack of business and continuity planning.

Albert Einstein was attributed as saying ‘Insanity is the art of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’.

If this sounds like your business, Genesis DM has been building a solid track record of encouraging our clients to think and act differently and to continually look at concerns as opportunities for re-purposing the culture of the business with renewed vigour.

* Defined as companies with less than 30 employees and turnover below £3m

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