We've worked with Genesis and Nigel for over 6 years – they are efficient, professional and thorough in delivering data cleanse services that I have confidence in. They have also ably assisted us in getting to grips with our Single Customer View system and we plan to work with them on customer profiling and segmentation in the future.
Marketing Director, Niche Leisure Goods

Direct Marketing

Delivering effective direct marketing campaigns revolves around the use of accurate and meaningful data. The more relevant the data, the greater the possibility of a cost effective return on your investment. Data may be available to you across several sources, from product registration cards to service agreements and requests for information.

Direct Mail

There are a plethora of individual elements that must come together before you can communicate with your audience (once the strategy and objectives have been set). From design and print, to data integrity and postal costs, nothing can be left to chance especially as trust is the all- important message that you are building.

If you are a seasoned direct mail producer then you will no doubt be including control and test packs within the campaign to assess patterns and trends which will help build insight. If you are new to direct mail and you believe you are going to generate instant revenue from your first campaign then perhaps this medium is not for you. Ideally you should be dripping information to your audience at appropriate stages, building on their understanding and exposure to your brand.


Unlike direct mail, door-to-door campaigns are not highly targeted to specific households. Instead the method is better suited to targeting areas of a population where products and services have a higher propensity to be of use to everyone in a specific neighbourhood. Typical examples of this would be public service announcements and changes to bus routes or timetables where the impact affects a series of streets or a defined postal sector.