We embarked upon a lengthy search for a marketing agency to assist us with little success until we looked closer to home. Genesis DM provides an excellent and proactive service, which we have greatly valued.
Managing Director, Designer & Manufacturer of Fine Furniture

Client Endorsements

"I first came across Nigel when looking for some help with marketing. Feeling as though I would have to wade through various marketing agencies whose first question was to find out how much of our money they could spend, it was refreshing to hear Nigel come from a totally different angle. He asked me if my team were all on the same page (and) knew what message we were trying to send out and what the company goals and objectives were?

My first reaction was to run and hide as I did not want to have to face these questions, I just wanted someone to create and place adverts that would make everything okay. Anyway, after reading some of the reviews on the Genesis website I took the plunge and began our journey with Nigel. He spent a lot of time understanding our strengths and weaknesses in terms of systems, structure and communication and spent 1-2-1 time with every single person here and because of that everyone feels included and heard.

He improved what we had and introduced those we did not have. He has helped us to create very clearly defined personnel roles, firstly at Director Level (and) then through senior management and the remainder of the team. The renewed energy displayed by everyone here has been amazing and everyone is supportive of what we are doing.

His use of simple to understand visual aids and examples strike home and you can't help but feel enlightened through the no nonsense, common sense approach he takes. If you feel like you are standing at the entrance of a long dark tunnel and are worried about taking the first step, then trust me that with the first step comes the first light. You will not need to make too many steps before the tunnel is fully lit and you can see the other end; this is why Nigel is one of Britain's top 50 Small Business Advisers.

Operations Director
(Leisure Retailer)

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"I chose Genesis DM to work with me on my Marketing strategy and growth plan. This company was chosen from the Enterprise Nation website from Growth Voucher advisors, I had meetings with 3 companies; however I felt that only Nigel understood the issues from my brief.

I liked the fact that he had researched my sector in order to have a meaningful conversation with me at the first meeting. I was pleased with the intuition he had applied to understand my true concerns and we were able to explore (them) in more detail to establish their full extent. The financial proposal Nigel delivered was a professional document and the schedules discussed were met.

Nigel has been fair and thorough throughout the whole process, answering any queries fully. We worked through the issues, discussing at every stage where we were going.

As a Chartered Marketer the thorough research he undertook and the solid report and the marketing strategy he proposed was a clear indication of his professionalism. The detailed strategy was fully explained in the final meeting.

Managing Director
(Management Procedures for Healthcare Systems)

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"Nigel Davis was introduced to our Company to assist the Directors in implementing necessary changes by restructuring the Company to improve the way our staff and customers perceive us, and to help turn the Company into a profitable organisation.

Nigel initially spent time with the Directors to look at the strengths and weakness of the organisation and decide where and what needed to change before working out a detailed plan, which was communicated effectively to the Directors and shareholders.

Before the changes were implemented Nigel assisted the Directors to hold our first ever staff meeting where these were successfully communicated to the staff with a Q & A forum at the close of the meeting.

During his time with us we have successfully introduced new roles and titles for the Directors, with Nigel offering full support. There are plans in place for the next stage of the changes to be introduced next year. These will include new policies to keep consistency between our branches, reviewing job roles and salary structure, prior to leading our external marketing communications.

This year we celebrated the company's Centenary and as Royal Warrant holders exhibited at the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. Nigel had huge impact on both these events, which were hugely successful and professionally organised.

I have really enjoyed working with Nigel. He is articulate, driven and good-humoured, and has given us a much clearer vision for our business. I look forward to working with him in 2014.

Shareholder & Health Safety & Standards Manager
(Processor/Manufacturer & Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)

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"It is not until you get someone independent into your company do you realise precisely what you need to do to plan sensibly for growth. Since making this appointment, Nigel has worked with all the Directors to look at our roles and the roles of our employees and to make changes where necessary to enable us to setup a more formal internal structure.

I am not necessarily the easiest person to deal with but I have a great passion for our business and Nigel is managing to push my enthusiasm in the correct direction, which is no mean feat. Since having Nigel with us he successfully delivered a presentation to our staff giving a true and realistic position of the UK's glass industry whilst outlining the direction the Directors wish the company to go. In introducing the new internal structure we have now been able to establish separate management meetings for the different areas of the business and Nigel has also has implemented positive changes to our board meetings.

It is still early days on this process to turn around procedures, processes and attitudes that have been entrenched in the company for 100 years, but Nigel's help has been invaluable having set the foundations in place and I look forward to working with him as we progress to the next stage.

Sales Director
(Processor/Manufacturer & Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)

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"Nigel Davis was brought into our company as a consultant to assist with marketing. However, Nigel proved from the beginning that the company had to be professional throughout the business before it could be marketed effectively.

Although this was not part of his initial remit, we were delighted Nigel has helped restructure our business by giving the Directors and Managers newly focused job roles with their own areas of responsibilities and together we have set our goals and a clear vision.

Nigel has set a new agenda at Board Meetings to bring matters to a clear resolution and helped with short and long term strategy. He has instigated meetings with the staff and given presentations to them to keep everyone in the Company up to date and positive with a clear portrayal of where they personally fit into these changes.

Nigel's marketing skills were very visibly shown when he helped us organise our company's Centenary celebrations, which included exhibiting at Buckingham Palace for the Coronation Festival. He produced new literature, and came up with other innovative marketing ideas.

Nigel is a very proactive person, and makes sure things happen. He has great integrity, is very personable, and is able to communicate effectively at all levels. He makes sure that everything is carried out in a logical manner, taking one step at a time in the process to take the company to where it wants to be with its long term goals. The changes have been very positive and beneficial for our company and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nigel in assisting any company in a marketing, non-executive Director or strategic role.

Operations Director
(Processor/Manufacturer & Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)

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"Recently we needed to engage the services of a marketing professional who could quickly appreciate our marketplace and produce for us a new corporate image and a host of marketing communication tools to further develop what we had previously built on. We were not looking for someone who could simply produce a new brochure, but a business that could interpret our current position and then develop additional value that would ultimately coincide with a series of exhibitions planned for the summer of 2009.

We had already spoken to several 'marketing' companies before we got to the point of contacting Genesis DM, but during an initial conversation we felt quite reassured that their straight talking, honest approach would be precisely what we needed if we were to hit our target dates. There was a deeper breadth of understanding during our conversation and it was clear to see they were focussing on our needs, not simply the cost of producing a brochure as others had.

Nothing was too much trouble during the redevelopment process and they met my objectives on all fronts with time to spare, (although we both worked all the hours necessary) to accomplish the task. More importantly, the end product is fantastic both in terms of design and relaying our message to our target audience.

Consequently we're confident enough in their ability that the next time we need a marketer with a quick grasp of our needs I would have no hesitation in contacting, or recommending Genesis DM Ltd to anyone.

Managing Director
(Installer of artificial sports tracks)

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"It was suggested we speak to Nigel Davis at Genesis DM who would listen carefully to our concerns before helping us bring about the changes we as directors wished to see. After initial discussions we were reassured that with his understanding of manufacturing he would be ideally placed to listen to our concerns before undertaking an initial review of the existing practices. Questions were asked and we responded, before he made several recommendations that would gradually cascade into various areas of the business.

We cannot say that it has been an easy process as there is so much more to marketing than we ever imagined: segmentation, research, strategy, planning and communications to name but a few. However, with Nigel's guidance we have got to know our business from a different perspective. This has helped form a totally new vision that will enable us to embrace the future with much greater confidence.

(Bespoke Joinery Manufacturer)

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"Genesis DM provides efficient and professional support to our very busy marketing department. They take a project of any size from initial brief through to final development but most importantly you're always kept informed of the projects progression and should there be any issues Genesis DM already has a solution that meets deadlines and budget.

With a wide range of marketing communications experience, Genesis DM can source the most reliable and cost effective partnerships whilst continuing to provide full account management support.

Direct Marketing Manager
(Leisure Complex)

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"We embarked upon a lengthy search for a marketing agency to assist us with little success until we looked closer to home. Genesis DM provides an excellent and proactive service, which we have greatly valued. I am particularly impressed with Nigel's willingness to challenge and be challenged about perceptions and concepts in order to reach the right result. The ability to delegate a task in complete confidence and know that it will be delivered and usually exceeded, is both rare and a great advantage.

Managing Director
(Manufacturers of Fine Bespoke Joinery & Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)

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"Nigel, thank you for making the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace a fabulous success for those of us on the stand, our staff were filled with confidence as a result of you leading by example and it was a pleasure to be there with you, I am sincerely grateful to you.

(Manufacturers of Fine Bespoke Floors & Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II & His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales)

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"Genesis DM has provided extremely valuable support in assisting us to bring focus and clarity in our communications with the membership of this Association.

Association Secretary
(Membership Association)

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"We've worked with Genesis and Nigel for over 6 years – they are efficient, professional and thorough in delivering data cleanse services that I have confidence in. They have also ably assisted us in getting to grips with our Single Customer View system and we plan to work with them on customer profiling and segmentation in the future.

Marketing Director
(Niche Leisure Pursuit Goods)

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"Over the last few years, Genesis DM has always got the job done for us; in the face of many challenges that other suppliers have simply failed to overcome. They don't bore me with the how; they instead choose to reassure me with the when. No matter what I throw at them and how I throw it, they catch it and they throw it back to me once it's done. They're never late, they never deliver anything below standard and they never fail to hit the mark.

Marketing Manager
(Telecommunications Wholesaler)

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"When Genesis DM approached me 4 years ago I was absolutely confident after my early discussions with them that they wouldn't let me down, and they haven't. They've provided me with a range of skills and understanding and a truly customer centric approach, nothing is too much trouble. Consequently I'm pleased to say that I've been more than satisfied with the way they support our business.

Marketing Director
(Publishing House)

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