With Nigel's guidance we have got to know our business from a different perspective. This has helped form a totally new vision that will enable us to embrace the future with much greater confidence.
Managing Director, Bespoke Joinery Manufacturer

Primary Research

Primary research is generally commissioned to either add further depth to secondary research collected during an earlier stage, or because secondary data wasn’t publicly available.

At Genesis we develop various methods of primary research, all of which can be defined within two distinct areas;-

  • Qualitative research is gathered from face-to-face discussions with individuals or groups to understand personal motivations, views and trends or uncover ideas that can be used to develop new products and services.
  • Quantitative research is used to quantify and define numerical findings meaning the data is gathered in a more structured way, often through commissioned surveys.

Both areas can be used together to embrace a greater understanding of the task.

Postal SurveysPostal Surveys

Brand MappingBrand Mapping

Focus GroupsFocus Groups

Email SurveysEmail Surveys

In-depth InterviewsIn-depth Interviews

Computer Assisted Personal InterviewsComputer Assisted Personal Interviews

Face-to-Face InterviewsFace-to-Face Interviews